Kpop MV Day 2

Kpop Music Video: Day 2
“I am the Best ( 내가 제일 잘 나가)” by 2ne1 under YG Entertainment

I always like to compare SNSD’s singles to the singles that 2ne1 puts out, because after I look at the singles side by side, it’s easy to see how different Kpop songs can be. 2ne1 has a stronger hip hop base than SNSD, and they take that hip hop base and add other genres of music, like rock or reggae. This song in particular really has an American hip hop flavor (with that Korean dance twist, of course), because typical Korean pop songs center around a relationship, and are often very sad and self depreciating. Instead, they’re singing about how hot they look, and how tiring it is to be “the very best”. It’s this bombast that makes 2ne1 really stand out in my eyes.

On a slightly different topic, people who are new to Kpop often talk about how hard it is to tell Koreans apart, especially if you come from a background where it’s not really common to see a whole lot of Korean facial structures and body types. 2ne1 was the first group that I was able to distinctly tell apart the members after watching only a few times. I still have trouble with certain groups, and it’s much more difficult if they have a lot of members. I only have a few more to go before I match all the member’s names to their faces in SNSD. Wish me luck!

❤ Rebecca


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