Kpop MV Day 3

Kpop Music Video: Day 3

This is War (전쟁이야) by MBLAQ under J. Tune Entertainment

One of the most alluring aspects of Kpop is that it is both dynamic and multifaceted. A good Kpop artist has to be either specialized at one aspect of the industry or they have to effectively use many different talents to develop a good music video. I find that this music video is a great representation of the later choice. The instrumentals are simple but very pleasing, which is essential when adding drama sections to the music video. When the music video cuts to those drama sections, the cut isn’t long enough to make the viewer bored. The chorus is catchy, the rap is powerful, and the R&B verses would be just as effective a cappella. The video has a great balance between the story portion and the dance and close-up portion. The dance was complex and related well to the song. I also like the route they took with the music video’s themes and meaning, how revenge can taint love between people, and what protection is. The bullet telekinesis is the only thing I find out of place, since the logic part of my brain overrides the artsy part of my brain and asks “Why the heck would you exert all that effort to loop the bullet around them, when you could have just pointed the gun towards yourself?” Guess the world will never know.

MBLAQ also reminds me of the impact of English in Kpop and how sometimes it is used for meaning, and other times it is used for effect. I’m not actually talking about the video in this case; the only English in the song is “Don’t cry.” MBLAQ is an acronym for the words “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality”. I’m not sure if there was something lost in translation, or if they really liked the look and sound of MBLAQ and tried to fit an acronym into the name so they could use it, but every time I see it written out I laugh. Kpop has done so much with incorporating words from different languages in their songs, but I think it has a long way to go before mainstream English speaking cultures can take it seriously.

❤ Rebecca


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