Kpop MV Day 4

Kpop Music Video: Day 4
“Pinocchio (Danger)” by F(x) under SM Entertainment

From left to right: Luna, Sulli, Victoria, Krystal, Amber
From left to right: Luna, Sulli, Victoria, Krystal, Amber

F(x) is a 5 member girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2009. The leader’s name is Victoria Song, hailing from China. Krystal is the younger sister of Jessica from Girl’s Generation. Sulli had starred in a Korean drama as a child and Luna has appeared on many variety shows and acted in musicals. Amber was raised in California, and is only conversationally fluent in Korean. Pinocchio (Danger) is the first single off of their 3rd album.

Amber has a "cool" style, while Sulli is more "girly".
Amber has a “cool” style, while Sulli is more “girly”.

Looking fashionable is a large part of being a Kpop idol, like any American celebrity. However, fashion in Korea leans slightly more to the eccentric, because Kpop stars that push the fashion envelope get even more famous for their wardrobe choices. When thinking about both the positives and negatives of Kpop fashion, my thoughts turn towards the band F(x). The fashion choices in all of their songs seem to cater to the individual styles of each star. For example, Amber wears either flat tops or wedges, never high heels. She also doesn’t seem to wear dresses or very tight fitting clothing, which lends to her tomboyish style. On the other hand, Sulli is often in short puffy skirts, cute hair styles and bright jewelry, because she has a more girly style. Each girl wears clothing that (would seem to me at least) fit their personality and make them feel comfortable. On the other hand, the patterns and colors in their clothing can be off putting, and unnatural. I would be hard pressed to wear the shirt that looks like a roller from a car wash that Krystal wears in this video, and the spiky football pads that Luna wears are slightly over the top. I applaud SM Entertainment for allowing each member to keep their individual style choices in these videos, but I hate that they seem to smother in style.

❤ Rebecca


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