Kpop MV Day 5

Kpop Music Video: Day 5
“Like This” by Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment

Wonder Girls is a 5 member girl Kpop band formed in 2007. They have released 4 Korean Albums (two full albums and two extended plays), 1 Japanese album, and have also had hits in English and Mandarin. They have opened for the Jonas Brothers and are the first K-pop band to make it onto the Billboard Top 100 Chart. “Like this” is their latest Korean single.

From left to right:
From left to right: Yeeun, Lim, Sohee, Yubin, and Sun

There seems to be a pretty rigid formula for how Kpop videos are made. Put stars into a box, have them sing and dance, wear funky clothing, show close ups of their face and maaaaaaaybe include a plot or a outside location. Pinocchio (Danger) by F(x) is a pretty good example of this formula, so when I think of that video, my mind also turns to “Like this”. I feel “Like This” is the opposite of this formula, with clothing styles normal people might wear. I’d wear Yeeun’s pink dress or Sun’s ACDC shirt before Lim’s Mickey Mouse tee, and the other girls pattern combos aren’t crazy, but not something that would look good on me.  I’d be hard pressed to walk down the street in a lot of the clothes Kpop stars wear in their music videos, and it’s nice to see idols looking so normal (and not like runaway car wash rollers). I also like that “Like this” has a flash mob theme and is filmed outdoors. Yes, it’s filled to the brim with dancing and it was clearly staged, but it makes sense when the songs lyrics can be compared to English dance songs like the electric slide or the cupid shuffle. Don’t take my word for it, hit the CC button on the youtube video.

I think it’s the way kpop music videos are made that makes music videos that are different so enjoyable for me, and I feel that this is the reason Gangnam style appealed to so many kpop fans (I’m talking when it first came out, not after it started getting more than 10 million views). I enjoy that this music video is very fun without being super silly like gangnam style is. Altogether, I really like this video because it’s a refreshing change from the Kpop formula.

❤ Rebecca


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