Kpop MV Day 6

Kpop Music Video: Day 6
“Lucifer” by SHINee (샤이니) under SM Entertainment

Wonder Girl’s “Like this” video always puts me in a dancing mood, but I’m not very good at dancing. When I want to dance I instead watch Kpop videos with technical stunning dances that I would never be able to do, and revel in the fact that not many of their fans will be able to replicate the dance moves. SHINee often fits this bill for me. SHINee was formed in 2008 and all 5 members are very gifted at dancing. I feel that this music video, “Lucifer” showcases their abilities the best, especially the skills of their dance leader Taemin. Sometimes I convince myself that the Ninja hand chopping sound effects that they use during the dances are actually created by his hands.

Check out Taemin’s dancing in the following dance practice of this song. He’s wearing the striped shirt. While his fellow group members are great at dancing, he looks like he feels the music in his blood.

Not all Kpop videos have to have a dance accompanying their song, but it’s easy to see how an appropriate dance done by really good dancers enhances the feel of the video.

❤ Rebecca

PS. Don’t they all look like they can be in a hair products commercial? Hair gel and conditioning supplies all around!

From left to right: Onew (Leader), Jonghyn (Singer), Taemin (Dancer), Key (kinda does everything) and Minho (Rapper)
From left to right: Onew (Leader), Jonghyun (Singer), Taemin (Dancer), Key (kinda does everything) and Minho (Rapper)

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