Kpop MV Day 7

Kpop Music Video: Day 7

Volume Up by 4 Minute under Cube Entertainment

4 Minute is a 5 member girl group formed in 2009. Like 2ne1, their roots are in hip hop and the girls exude a powerful image rather than a cute one, although they have had very cute videos. They have had singles in both Korea and Japan.

The girls of 4Minute
The girls of 4Minute

After Gangnam Style, many people got a short look into Kpop culture and thought that many of these great artists were one hit wonders. This was through the lens of the American pop market; in Korea, these stars were already very famous. The American market also got a glimpse of Hyuna when she did her rendition of Gangnam Style (which I feel shows her in possibly the worst light possible), but it has eclipsed her work with 4minute, which I feel is far better than her covers or cameos. I feel that this is unfair to her fellow bandmates, who have worked equally as hard as her, but do not get as many lines in the songs as her or the opportunity to start a solo career. In Hyuna’s solo videos, the directors have resorted to putting her in skimpy outfits and doing very sexually suggestive dances and maneuvers, all to cater to the American male audience.

Instead of showing that Hyuna, I would like to show 4Minute’s latest video. It may not have equal line distribution and it may have some sexually suggestive portions, but much of the video is classy and it shows the hard work of all the members of 4minute. All I would like is for people to recognize that Hyuna’s success is not tied to Gangnam style exclusively; she has been trained and built up with many other lovely and equally talented individuals. I hope that one day, they will all get a chance to shine in the manner that they most see fit and not have to change their style and image so drastically to appeal to a different market.

❤ Rebecca


5 thoughts on “Kpop MV Day 7”

  1. The first 4Minute’s song I heard is Muzik and I fell in love instantly…though not all of their songs have the same effect to me, I still looking put for their updates.
    HyunA is indeed the most popular one, and she’s the first member I can distinguish from the rest, but lately I’ve been cheering for GaYoon too, especially after she becomes a part of Mystic White for Gayo Daejaejun. She also teams up with JiYoon and both of them releases a song called 24/7 under the name 2YOON. This is truly a fun song and I hope they can gain more recognition and popularity in the future 🙂

    1. I personally like to watch sohyun and hyuna, but I always resent when stars don’t get an equal share of something. I don’t mind a star having a solo career as long as it’s fair to the other members of the group. I hope gayoon and ji hoon do well in their endeavours too.

  2. I had forgotten that this song existed and how much I liked the sax riff. What is it about 4Minute that makes them a tad forgettable? Hyuna is cool and 2Yoon was a nice breath of fresh air but I’ll be damned if 4Minute crosses my mind first, second, third (or fourth, or fifth, or six…). Heart to Heart is an amazingly fun little ditty.

    1. 4minute has a sound that lends itself well to autotune, which tends to repel me. I wanted to pick one of their older songs to show how cool and funky they were, but my favorite “Hot Issue” (and all of their older stuff) is so full of autotune that I couldn’t pick it. That’s why I think they’re forgettable to the American audience; we hear that on the radio all the time.

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