Kpop MV Day 12

Kpop Music Video: Day 12
I Wish by F.T. Island under FNC Entertainment

F.T Island is a Kpop/rock band featuring 5 members. The leader, Choi Jong-hoon plays guitar and keyboard, Lee Hongki is the main vocalist, Lee Jae-jin plays the bass and does vocals, Song Seung-hyun plays guitar and does vocals and the drummer is Choi Min-hwan. Originally, an artist called Oh Won Bin played in the group until he decided to pursue an acting career; he was replaced by Seung-hyun. They are successful in Korea and Japan, where they have released several albums. They have also made OSTs for Japanese animes and they are well loved in Taiwan.

I got this image from
I got this image from:

If BoA is Korea’s Janet Jackson, then I think of F.T. Island as being Korea’s version of Train. They’re very pop-like in terms of their sound, but they have a quirkiness about them that reminds me more of an indie band. This band was formed like other Kpop bands, meaning that they were assembled by a company, but it seems that they worked out well together. I always feel it’s harder to just play in a band with other people, because vocal styles can change really easily, but it seems to be harder to change the way someone gravitates towards playing an instrument. It’s not to say that someone can’t change their style for a song, but people tend to float back to a particular genre and without choosing your band mates yourself, it can be tough to get a cohesive sound.

F.T. Island is great to get familiar with, especially if you have a friend who doesn’t like the bubblegum pop sound that boy bands and girl bands seem to exude. It’s also a great bridge from Jpop (Japanese Pop) to Kpop. I bridged from Jpop to Kpop when watching Vocaloids dance to SNSD’s Gee, but my boyfriend has started listening to more Kpop after he watched the anime “Toriko” (F.T. Island did the closing theme) and found out that F.T. Island was a Kpop band.

I hope you like this song as much as I do.

❤ Rebecca


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