Kpop MV Day 13

Kpop Music Video: Day 13
Mr. Simple by Super Junior under SM Entertainment

Super Junior at the time of this video is a 10 member boy band. Formed in 2005, they were originally slated to be a band with a rotating cast, like AKB 48 in Japan. Super Junior 05 started out with 12 members. After seeing more fans of the original cast of Super Junior, SM decided to drop the 05, and added one more member, bringing the roster to 13 (making the largest boy band in the world). In 2009, right after one of their biggest hits got released (Sorry, Sorry), one of the members got in a huge lawsuit with the company, saying the contract was too restrictive. He was released from SM Entertainment and is now a star in China. Another member left to pursue an acting career. Also, men in south Korea have a 2 year mandatory military service they have to fulfill if drafted, and several of Super Juniors members have had to take hiatuses from the band to complete their duty.

Top: Yesung, Sungmin, Leetuk, Donghae, ShindongBottom: Kyuhyun, Ryowook, Siwon, Eynhyuk, Heechul
Top: Yesung, Sungmin, Leetuk, Donghae, Shindong
Bottom: Kyuhyun, Ryowook, Siwon, Eynhyuk, Heechul

Large bands like Super Junior and SNSD are successful not because their fans like everyone in the band, but rather there is bound to be at least one person tailored to appeal to the variety of fans out there. Bands aren’t build just to have a cohesive sound, their image, their skills and their personalities have to be diverse but still work well together. Super Junior has excelled because they have several really good singer, a few rappers, and a handful of good dancers. Also, aesthetically, they have some really good looking members, and the members who aren’t considered to be amazing in terms of Korean beauty standards are really funny. For example my favorite member, Shindong, would be considered to be fat by Korean standards (and maybe USA standards too), but he’s always cracking jokes and is a great dancer and choreographer.

You can see what I mean in this next video. Shindong is the dancer who remains in the center for the entire mask portion.

Due to this love of individual members, fans of Super Junior have a saying “Forever 13”. They want to consider members who have left the band, temporarily or permanently as still being part of the band. It’s a really nice thought, to include the previous members in the current thoughts, and because of this the fans were heavily anticipating Kangin’s recent return from military service. It’s necessary because members will have to leave for 2 years frequently from an ongoing band.

Super Junior will BLOW YOUR MIND!

❤ Rebecca


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