Kpop Playlists

So since a good portion of what I write about revolves around Kpop music videos, I thought that I would show you the types of music videos I like. For this playlist, the challenge was to pick one song from each Kpop band that I enjoy. Solos and collaborations (but not features) are treated as extra bands. (TVXQ before and after the breakup will be treated as separate bands.) They may be the song I’m really into at the moment, or my favorite by that particular band, but all are pretty awesome. The playlist may change from time to time if I’m in the mood to hear a different song from a particular artist. Suggest bands that I haven’t put on here, and I will go exploring xD

I have also made a playlist for all the Music Videos I’ve reviewed. If you like those songs, listen to them in order of review on this playlist:

Have fun!

❤ Rebecca


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