Kpop Culture Day 5: Biases

Biases: Who’s YOUR favorite?

Biases as a concept are actually pretty easy to figure out. The only issue with translation might be when people say they have a “bias”in a band it means that they have a bias towards them, not away from them. You can’t be biased towards a solo artist, because there’s really nothing to compare them to in a unit (unless you compare them to all of kpop). It’s really a convoluted way of saying “______ is my favorite”.

As a new person, you might say that “I don’t have a favorite in this group, I don’t know them really well.” That may not be true. A bias isn’t always who you fan-gush over when the music video isn’t on. I think the easiest way to tell who is your bias in the group is to see who your eyes gravitate towards when watching a music video. If it stays consistent through several videos, it’s safe to say you have a bias towards that member. Because of this, biases don’t have to be the star you find most attractive, instead it can be the funniest member of the group or the best dancer.

Biases can also change, and may change pending on new information that you receive. For example, in Shinee, a group of RIDICULOUSLY good looking men, I was always biased towards Taemin (TAEMAN!!!) because he was the best dancer in the group. Therefore whenever the whole group was on screen I would look at him to watch his dance moves. Not anymore. I just watched a drama staring Minho, the rapper of Shinee, and now I am hard core smitten with his facial expressions.

So, I thought I would make a more casual and personal culture day by telling you my biases. I will only tell you biases out of the groups I show you videos for, so this post will grow as I review more and more videos. Feel free to tell me who you like in the comments below xD

SNSD: Sunny

She's so cute. Honorable mention goes to Hyoyeon.
Sunny! She’s so cute. Honorable mention goes to Hyoyeon.

2ne1: Minzy

The super swag maknae!
Minzy: the super swag maknae!

MBLAQ: Seungho

Great looks, great voice.
Seungho: Great looks, great voice.

F(x): Amber

Her English rapping is great.

Wonder Girls: Yubin

Yubin has excellent rapping skills. Especially in "Be my Baby"
Yubin has excellent rapping skills. Especially in “Be my Baby”

Shinee: Minho

Minho has great facial expressions, although I still love Taemin's dancing.
Minho has great facial expressions, although I still love Taemin’s dancing.

4minute: Hyuna

Hyuna. Even though I don't like her solo stuff, she's the one I watch in 4minute
Even though I don’t like how she is portrayed sometimes, I still love to watch her.

Brown Eyed Girls: Miryo

She's really powerful when she raps.
She’s really powerful when she raps.

BIGBANG: Taeyang

He's like the Korean Neyo. He just does everything, and looks good while doing it.
He’s like the Korean Ne-yo. He just does everything, and looks good while doing it.

Nu’est: Baekho

Attractive and a martial artist? Works for me xD
Attractive and a martial artist? Works for me xD Close second goes to Ren.

FTIsland: No Bias

Whole band is good.
Whole band is good.

Super Junior: Shindong

He was my very first bias. Funny and a great dancer. Kyuhyun and Siwon are pretty good too.
He was my very first bias. Funny and a great dancer. Kyuhyun and Siwon are pretty good too.

Miss A: Min

She's so cute.
She’s so cute. I want that grey dress by the way.

Ukiss: Kevin

Kevin has a great personality, although Eli and AJ also are easy going.
Kevin has a great personality, although Eli and AJ also are easy going.

B.A.P.: Zelo

He's 6 foot and he's only 16. I promise I'm no pedo noona.
He’s 6 foot and he’s only 16. I promise I’m no pedo noona.

6 thoughts on “Kpop Culture Day 5: Biases”

  1. That’s cool. It’s pretty evident you like strong-willed personalities :D. Picking biases and shipping is also part of the fun of K-pop I think.

    I’m just going to compare and contrast with your list.

    GG. Yup Sunny Bunny is my bias also with Taeng at a close second.

    2ne1. I don’t have one. Need to get more familiar with 2ne1.

    MBLAQ. Lee Joon is so funny.

    f(x). Sulli AND Krystal. I ship Jungli. Hardcore.

    WG. Ex-member Sunmi. The og maknae(?), and aegyo explosion of WG. Just tearing up thinking about her. Btw I loved Yubin’s rap in So Hot.

    Shinee. Onew.

    4minute. Hyuna also. She looks great with a tan or milky complexion.

    BEG. Gain. She makes bob cuts look good. Also very pretty imo.

    Big Bang. Seungri.

    SJ. Heechul and Sulli are reported to be blood oath siblings.

    Miss A. Suzy is love manifested. Her smiles, her laugh. Bring her to a terminal patients ward. They’ll either be cured or die peacefully believing to have seen an angel…

    1. Lol you have a couple bands from my list missing. Not fans of their music?

      For 2ne1, my favorite song is “hate you” but that doesn’t feature the girls, so to get to know them, I like “Clap your hands”.

      Also, is Suzy your favorite out of all of them? You’re pretty emphatic there. Minho might be mine, but I have to see if he’s still as awesome after the hype from the drama wears off.

      1. Thanks for the rec. Just youtubed it and it’s a great number. My eyes drifted towards Sandara in a white/red ninja outfit damn. I didn’t include the other groups because I’m not very familiar with them heh. I am just now identifying Apink members and working on Hello Venus. You could say my overall idol knowledge pool is very limited to one school.

        Oh man this is a toughie. My favorite bias of biases? If I have to pick, it’d be Sulli. Although it may change to Jiyoung through the power of dramas because of Iris 2. Haha you know, Minho seems like he might be an elitest snob irl like his character in YB. It matches his look perfectly. It’s not bad thing, I wish I can give off a rich boy vibe.

      2. The song that I gave you for 2ne1 was very Sandara heavy, which is good because she’s not heavily featured in most of the songs. To follow up, I would watch Fire, both the “space” and the “street” versions, and finish up with “lonely” for a ballad. That should give you a pretty good view of 2ne1.

        Sulli’s pretty cute, and I like her much more after watching “to the Beautiful you”. As for minho, I really enjoyed when he got to expose his caring side in that drama, so the juxtaposition between this snob side and caring side added to the depth of the reveal, but I had wished that he was more distant due to his mom’s death and less “elitist”. I think I just like the character and wish it had stayed truer to the manga in that respect. As for how minho actually is in real life, I’m not sure. I think because of the drama and the depth of the emotion he displayed, I’m biased because I would love to find out who the true minho is. xD

  2. My bias list runs deep I suppose.
    Fei – Miss A
    Jessica – SNSD
    Hyosung – SECRET
    Nicole – Kara
    Lizzy – After School
    T.O.P – Big Bang
    Dara – 2NE1
    Boa – SPICA barely pulls ahead of Narae
    Bora – SISTAR although I swear it’s Hyorin some days
    Ga-In – Brown Eyed Girls
    Sojin – Girl’s Day
    Siwon – Super Junior
    Jaekyung – Rainbow
    Wonder Girls – Yubin for sure
    Minho – SHINee (mostly for his appearances on Running Man)

    Scary thing is I could probably think of more with some time.

  3. I don’t even know if I should list all of my biases, but here’s a few….
    Teen Top – Ricky
    Apink – Yookyung
    Girl’s Day – Sojin
    Nu’est – Baekho
    4minute – Gayoon
    Beast – Yoseob
    VIXX – Leo
    C-real – Lenny
    Wonder Girls – Sohee
    She’z – Jiyoung
    F(x) – Luna

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