Kpop MV Day 17

Kpop Music Video: Day 17
Mirotic by TVXQ (DBSK) under SM Entertainment

Dong Bang Shin Ki was a 5 member boyband under SM Entertainment. Like SNSD, their fans call them by the first initials in each word of their name. However on the internet, the Chinese abbreviation TVXQ has caught on at least for English speakers. It’s probably because it contains 3 letters that are rarely used in English so at first they wonder what English words could possibly make up that acronym.

From left to right: Xiah (Junsu), Micky (Yoochun), Hero (Jaejoong), Max (Changmin) and Uknow (Yunho)
From left to right: Xiah (Junsu), Micky (Yoochun), Hero (Jaejoong), Max (Changmin) and Uknow (Yunho)

This picture is excellent for explaining exactly what happened to TVXQ. In addition to having issues with a member of Super Junior, SM also had a lawsuit filed against them by the three left members in the picture, Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong. The lawsuit asserted that their contract was too long with the company (13 years!) and the proceeds were not fairly divided between the members of the band. Seoul courts sided with the three men and they left the company to form their own trio called JYJ. This left the last two members of TVXQ without much of the talent that made the group successful and they had to go on hiatus for 2 years while they changed their sound and image to fit the new duo TVXQ.

JYJ, while they’re no longer subject to the oppressive contract, still experiences stiffing in the Kpop industry. For a long time SM would interfere with their ability to go on TV channels and various shows, and their old Japanese distributor Avex has sent letters to venues threatening to sue if they host JYJ. Recently, SM and JYJ have come to a mutual truce agreeing not to interfere with each other, but a lot of the damage has been done. Fortunately for JYJ, their members are very resilient and they were able to pursue acting ventures in musicals which helped to keep their celebrity status’ afloat. Actually, JYJ and the two current members of TVXQ are very famous. All 5 members of TVXQ experience the worst harassment from crazed fans, called sasaeng fans. These fans follow celebrities around in cars and hack into personal devices. They camp around work places and homes in order to catch their celebrities and personal space violations have become a major issue with all the former members of TVXQ, which the hiatus and the stifling did nothing for.

This song Mirotic is the title single off the last Korean album TVXQ released as a 5 member band. It was made in 2008, but people often cite the song as a “classic”, since the album reached over 500,000 in sales and the single has been downloaded several million times (according to Wikipedia, 4million + by the end of 2011). The song itself was banned for lyric content (meaning only 19+ could purchase the album and performances had to be aired after 10PM). A “clean” version of the song was released for radio, where the English lyrics were changed from “I got you under my skin” to “I got you under my sky”. To which I go “Damn TVXQ must be powerful if they own the damn sky.” -.-

Enjoy the single with the original (awesome) lyrics.

❤ Rebecca


3 thoughts on “Kpop MV Day 17”

  1. TVXQ is amazing. I got to see the (now) duo perform at the K-Pop google concert and they were the last group to perform. I wondered why the hell would they get to close but then it was really obvious as they brought the house down.

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