Kpop MV Day 18

Kpop Music Video: Day 18
Right Now by PSY under YG Entertainment

Super sexy PSY
Super sexy PSY

PSY, aka Park Jae-sang, is as of 2012, the most famous kpop star in the world. I’m not sure if there’s a person on the planet with sufficient internet connection or a cable TV that evaded “Gangnam Style”. The world’s fascination with Gangnam Style was both exciting and bothersome to many a kpop fan. We, as fans, are always happy when someone shares in our love for the music and culture. However, because PSY’s performance style is very different from other Kpop artists, many Kpop fans are irritated that their favorite artist was not the one to break through into Western Media. Many people excited about Gangnam Style are not excited about their favorite band’s brand of music, and this creates a lot of trolls who will trash a band’s video. These fans are happy for the views on their favorite band’s music video, but aren’t happy about the spam comments and the down votes. Gangnam Style then provides a unified area where angry kpop fans can vent about the trolls found on their page.

This creates a dismissive atmosphere around PSY’s work for 2 reasons. First, Kpop fans have a hipster-esque reaction to the influx of people viewing kpop and move away from PSY’s work since now it’s “mainstream pop”. Second, people who are into pop but not Kpop know nothing more than his one single. I feel that this should be corrected, because PSY is too talented to be treated as a one hit wonder by both the fans of his genre and the new found viewers of his viral video.

I do this in pretty much every traffic jam
I do this in pretty much every traffic jam

I present the video Right Now. Whenever I talk about this video, I introduce it as the precursor to Gangnam Style. The theme is similar to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO (note that Right Now was released first). A song is played over the radio in a traffic jam and people get a dancing virus. Hilarity ensues, of the fake chest and avocado football variety. If you at all enjoyed Gangnam Style as a song before it was overplayed, you’ll like Right Now. Also, note the way that Psy rhymes his words. Rhyme is both very easy and very hard to do in the Korean language, because formality of speech changes word endings so they match up, however, rhyming multiple syllables is not something easily done. Psy does this all the time. Don’t believe me? Check out his song Champion here: Count how much internal rhyme he uses in his verses. It’s pretty impressive.

As a Kpop fan or someone just getting introduced to the genre, I won’t judge you for disliking PSY’s music. I just hope that people are honest with themselves and why they dislike PSY instead of bashing PSY because of the exposure that he’s garnered. That’s signs of a narrow minded individual, and in this genre we don’t need any more closed minds.

❤ Rebecca


One thought on “Kpop MV Day 18”

  1. ‘Right Now’ is so much fun, and a proper “prequel” to ‘Gangnam Style’. To me at least, the only unfortunate thing about ‘Gangnam Style’ is it overshadows some great Psy stuff, like this, or the rest of the album that ‘Gangnam Style’ is on.

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