Kpop MV Day 19

Kpop Music Video: Day 19
Bounce by JJ Project under JYP Entertainment

Sometimes I like my Kpop songs to shake it up and be a bit different. I think that’s why I replayed Girl’s Generation’s “I Got a Boy” all during the month of January. Even though it’s not my favorite song, it was something new and different. JJ Project’s song “Bounce” isn’t new and different so much as the song has rap verses with a pop and pop-rock style chorus. It fulfills all these genres and the song flows well from section to section (unlike “I Got a Boy”, which needs lyrical segues to get from one point of view to the next).

JJ project is a two person group which debuted last year. Both members of the group JB and Jr. were cast in the TV drama “Dream High 2”, which is a “Glee” style drama, where all the cast members want to be Kpop idols. Their single “Bounce” is the only single the duo has released, and it was meant to be promotional for the show, however the song did much better than anticipated, reaching 1 million views on Youtube on the second day of release. They then opened for Wonder Girls in their Asia tour.

Jr. is the dude kneeling and JB is standing up.
Jr. is the dude kneeling and JB is standing up.

I’m personally looking forward to a new release by this duo. I like when solo artists or groups with fewer members release songs because then each person gets more screen time and lines. I like the amount of English in this song, and I’m excited to hear how much they can actually say, since singing along to kpop songs is awesome and only impeded with my inability to learn other languages.

Anyway, not a whole ton to talk about, it’s just a feel good song. Have fun and bounce!

❤ Rebecca


3 thoughts on “Kpop MV Day 19”

  1. Wasn’t feeling this one as much as some others on the playlist I’ve been going through. I think the hook, while catchy, annoyed me more than charmed me. Think it just ended up stressing me a bit by the end.

    1. Was it the genre switch that annoyed you, cause that bothered me initially. Then I was just like “F it, life is my bouncy castle. I’m gonna dance and ‘shake it for… myself’…” And when I was prepared for it, I loved the song.

      1. Yeah that was it. I couldn’t get into a groove and with a faster paced song, I like to have something I guess more substantial (?) to hang my hat on. Mostly it’s just the hook and chorus that annoy me. The verses are fine and pretty fun (hell separately, they work much better for me).

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