Kpop MV Day 20

Kpop Music Video: Day 20
Please don’t… (이러지마 제발) by K. Will (케이윌) under Starship Entertainment

K. Will, who’s real name is Kim Hyung-soo, is a 31 year old kpop star that uses his amazing vocals to keep himself relevant in a sea of super young, super talented idols. His career started in 2006 when he helped Rain, a huge kpop star, produce Rain’s second album. He gained notoriety for covering many English songs, especially Mariah Carey songs. He has acted in an online Kdrama, and he is a good dancer and rapper. While his live shows sell out very quickly, he is not featured in any of his music videos (although his latest MV “Love Blossom” contains a cameo). The common fan explanation for this is that his label does not think he is very attractive, and therefore hires actors to make an engaging plot driven music video.

I don't think he is ugly, do you?
I don’t think he is ugly, do you?

His music video “Please don’t”, is extremely unusual for a Kpop music video. The theme of the music video is about unrequited love, but there’s a hidden twist. Because I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t watched it yet, pause reading and go up to the top and watchhhhhhhhhhhh it.

*Plays jeopardy theme*

Ok, you’re back now? How was that ending? I was actually never tricked into thinking that it was the woman all along, but I wasn’t certain that it was the man. This type of theme is rare in Korea, and one that shows homosexuality in any light that is normal and isn’t degrading is especially unusual. Many of Korea’s older population believe that homosexuality is a disease brought to Korea by foreigners. That’s why I like this music video so much. It took a risk and it paid off, at least with the international fans. Now if only we could get KWill inside his own music videos.

❤ Rebecca


5 thoughts on “Kpop MV Day 20”

    1. The company says it’s so people will focus on the music. I would say that’s true if it was for one music video, but for EVERY one? Even when fans of his are asking for him to be in a music video? Even when he wants to be in a music video? I think that being older and not perfect looking plays a part.

  1. I think so. I’m a fan of his voice for so long since the OST of A Love to Kill and never had a chance to see his face once =_=.

    Btw, I am quite shocked when I saw this mv too haha. Same as you as I know that homo thing is not allowed in Korea (but in Thailand, my mainland, this kind of mv is considering a normal situation. Since we are all open (at least my generation) about it), so I kind of surprise. But I really love Seo Inguk in the last scene in the car when he throw away Dasom pic then put his pic beside his mate haha.

    Anyway, this song is really great! I love the drama soap-opera feeling song hehe.

    PS. I just came across your blog by finding the Ukiss picture from google a moment ago. I must say that I love your blog!!!!! Especially the 10 About, omg I laugh so hard with the captions.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that there are Entertainment Companies that are willing to make videos and songs with this type of subject matter. It’s just weird to think that if I go to Korea, I would be considered to be diseased. I don’t think it’s a very healthy attitude, although the attitude in the US isn’t much better (looking at you, crazy evangelists). I’m glad that the environment is much more open in your home country. =)

    2. And I just saw your blog. Holy smokes are you good with computer illustrating. My phone is old, but if I get a new one I’ll think about picking up a 2ne1 case.

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