Kpop MV Day 23

Kpop Music Video: Day 23
Wedding Dress by Taeyang under YG Entertainment

One of the rare instances when Taeyang has his shirt on.
One of the rare instances when Taeyang has his shirt on.

Taeyang is the main vocalist from the band BIGBANG that I reviewed for my 9th Kpop MV day (, and I feel he is the most talented member in that group, GD being the runner up. He can dance, play piano, sing R&B, look unbelievably good without a shirt on and has released solo songs in English. I think his only short coming is literally that he’s short. He’s shorter than me by 2 inches standing at a whopping 5’3″. I don’t know, I’d be much taller than him if I wore heels but I would still go on a date if he asked me. I’m not picky about height like other people are.

I really wanted to show this video because I think that people should really give Taeyang’s solo work a good listen. I compare him to Ne-yo and I feel that’s a flattering comparison to both parties involved. All of his solo songs are well put together (save the meaning of “Only look at me” which sets my inner feminist ablaze even though my ears love the song). I put the dance version of “I need a girl” on all the time, but it’s this song that’s my favorite probably because it hits me in the heartstrings every single time. Now you may have noticed that I’m not using the official video. For this song to have the biggest impact, you need the English translation of the lyrics during the song. When those are there, the song may make you cry.

The only other thing that might be important while watching this video is to know that Korea has recently been transitioning from an arranged marriage culture to a dating type culture. Because of this transition, the situation of a proposal without dating if they are childhood friends will make sense to a Korean person where it really wouldn’t to most Americans and Western cultures.

That’s it. Taeyang pretty much speaks for himself.

❤ Rebecca


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