SPICA’s Cover of “Cups” Reminds Me That SPICA Owns

I don’t reblog often, but when I do it’s a review of a cover so magical that it blows all other kpop news for the week out of the water (that includes the new F(x) release). Enjoy.

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While SPICA has been relatively quiet in terms of releases since their outstanding 2012, they have not stopped being one of the best things about K-Pop.

Who knew that Victoria’s demands that Anna Kendrick “do the cup” would be the second best reference of to “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”)” to emerge from the K-Pop sphere? Leave it to SPICA to do just that though:

It would be slightly wrong to call this a cover for a couple reasons. It owns so much that terms like cover shouldn’t apply and they redid the song in Korean and added a rap verse. Also, that harmony is done so right that scientific researchers should immediately start studying it to find magical healing properties. No other group has five members who are as talented singing from top to bottom. They have less dead weight than Teacyeon’s tummy. They are all so fuqing good…

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