Musing help

Going through my most recent posts, I’ve noticed that I’ve tended to shy away from the original point of this blog. When I wrote this, I thought that I was going to be catering to the new Kpop fan, but I’ve realized that new Kpop fans don’t typically search stuff that will bring them to this blog and keep them coming back to it. I don’t have the time, or the patience to write on a daily basis, but I need a structured backbone for a post before I start writing. Not because I can’t write a free form newsy type post, but because I’m not in deep enough that I’m checking sites like Allkpop and others for news everyday. Some people treat kpop like crack, needing a fix all the time. For me Kpop is more like my coffee. I have my daily dose of coffee and I go on with my life. I don’t obsessively search it out, but I’m super happy when something new comes my way.

Knowing this, I’ve really tried to stay away from the typical posts that pop up in my WordPress feeds, that being Lyric postings, news & speculation, and reactions/reviews. My Kpop days are technically reviews, but I wouldn’t say I review a song so much as a showcase a song that I think all Kpop listeners should hear while going through the genre. I really wanted a way to talk about new songs that weren’t so much judgement and I think I made something clever when I came up with 10 about. But it’s really unfortunate that I can cover a song for 10 about that gives visually stunning images but the song is not super good, and I’m SOL when songs like Recipe come along which don’t have a video. Videos like Seungri’s latest one and 2ne1’s latest are good to listen to and watch but not to take screen captures of. I would love to talk about videos I’ve just discovered, but I would love a new format, and I can’t think of one. This is kind of a rant, but if anyone has ideas for me, please let me know. The joy bursting out of me upon hearing Seungri’s new single makes me want to think of something fast because if I don’t I will turn into a confetti cannon of fangirl.

❤ Rebecca


2 thoughts on “Musing help”

    1. Maybe. I was thinking about a week in Kpop type of post, but not what was released, MY week in kpop. What new songs did I hear, stuff like that. I like the must see vids idea, but the best from my favorite artists is not really a thing because I listen to a solid amount of artists. I have a playlist of kpop songs where it includes only my favorite song from that group, subgroup or solo artist and there’s 59 of them. For reference:

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