A personal Kpop challenge

I’m a pretty casual Kpop fan (which to regular people standards means I’m a legit fan). Not eating, sleeping and breathing the stuff yet. I’m always interested in taking a look at new bands and new songs, but if I don’t have a segue it’s really hard for me to get into a band for the first time. So I was wandering around on the internet like I always do, when I came across this video by the youtube user Kdaebak:

Wow, there are a billion bands I don’t know. Now I figured that I wouldn’t know many of the bands in the thirties and even some in the twenties and I was definitely right but this reminds me that I’ve never seen an AOA or a Hello Venus video. There are many bands that I’ve simply over looked or not kept up with on this list and it reminds me that there’s still a large Kpop pool that is being underutilized by my ears. I think by the end of this year, I want to explore each of these bands and add a favorite song to my personal Kpop playlist. If you want to see which songs I’ve picked, you can take a look at this playlist here:

I love challenges =)

❤ Rebecca


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