Ninja Advertising: Cause people think I’m cool?

So I’ve been super confused this past week because I’ve been getting referrals from a website I’ve never visited before: The major confusion section was that I had no idea where the link was. I was like “was I referenced in a review,” and I was secretly crossing my fingers that it wasn’t a review trashing my opinion. Cause referrals are referrals but I have hopes and dreams and feelings too. But I guess I’m in the cool kids club cause my blog link is in the sidebar. Well that’s pure magic.

While exploring the cool kids club I noted that not only do they ninja advertize blergs like mine, they also ninja advertise kpop in a “we’re going to review every music evar even if they don’t speak English.” (A message to them: Culcha Candela will be back together in 2014, check out some German dancehall [make sure to read up by listening to Hamma!].) I think that’s a phenomenal way to shift modern music tastes towards a global perspective, and let me tell you, I will be checking up on this review website often. What’s pretty cool is each review gets a statement and a rating from about 8 different people from (it seems) different perspectives. I feel like this gets rid of the “hipster snobbery” and bias that I see so often in Kpop. It makes the focus on the music and not on the idols and the video, which is something I love.

So again, everyone check out, check out my link in the sidebar and get some perspective on all the pop music.

❤ Rebecca


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