Quick Life and Kpop update

Hey guys, about a billion awesome videos that I could have screen capped for 10 about were released this week, however, I’m super busy because in about 5 hours I’ll be waking up to go to NY Comic Con. Cosplaying and anime are also a big part of my life, and I’ve been spending my extra time sewing a dress this week. If you retroactively would like to see a 10 about for something that came out this week, or if you wanna give me a heads up for an awesome release coming out soon, let me know. Otherwise, I’m gonna be a bit more passive as I celebrate a different part of my nerd brain and recuperate from reading sewing patterns. They seriously make me want to flip tables.

I think I may either update this post with pictures or make a new post, just so you can appreciate all the hard work. xD

❤ Rebecca


2 thoughts on “Quick Life and Kpop update”

    1. I have no idea who is who in T-ara. Honestly sometimes I find that people who aren’t my biases are more photogenic or have a better camera focus than others. But I foresee some T-ara in my future =)

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