Kpop MV Day 26

Kpop Music Video: Day 26
“So Cool” by SISTAR (씨스타) under Starship Entertainment

Sistar is a 4 member girl band full of the peppiest songs and the sexiest times. They were formed in 2010 and have graced the Kpop world with their majesty for 3 whole years. Unfortunately for Sistar (and for most other Kpop bands), I have a tendency to compare them to Beyonce. I don’t know why, because I don’t think Beyonce is the best thing on the planet, but I feel like her life is a really solid thing to draw comparisons with so that people who don’t listen to Kpop have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on in the world of Hallyu. To shed some light, Sistar made some decent videos their first year, but none that really captured the kpop world by storm. They realized that they had to use sexy to take it over, so they made Sistar19 with two of the members of Sistar singing a vaguely Sistar type song and doing all the body rolling there ever was. After that, “So Cool” was released and so started Sistar’s meteoric rise of joining the A list of the Kpop world. Why is it like Beyonce? Cause Sistar is kinda like Destiny’s Child.

Here is the Beyonce of Sistar:

This is Hyorin. She is the Alpha and the Omega.
This is Hyorin. She is the Alpha and the Omega.

She has superior singing skills and excess sexy. She pretty much is the carrier for the group in terms of ability and could probably solo at any time if the management so chose. Which they do choose, because a solo project has been in the works for a while.  She is one half of the subgroup Sistar19, the group that garnered interest for the quartet initially and posed any amount of “threat” to SNSD after they released their single several weeks after I got a boy (chicken) this year.

And then here is the Kelly Rowland:

Meet Bora, the second half of sexy.
Meet Bora, the second half of sexy.

Now fans of this group may be wondering why I’m comparing Bora to Kelly, since Bora is the rapper for Sistar. If you had to pick a popularity tier the members in Sistar, Bora is definitely the Kelly Rowland to Hyorin’s Beyonce. Both very famous, one more famous than the other.   Bora doesn’t rule the world with the forcefulness of her rapping ability; it’s decent but it isn’t the best. Rather, Bora owns the world by sheer force of her legs. Her dance skills and quite frankly the way she looks is why everyone keeps talking about her.

Now I get to the sad part of this analogy. There are two more members in Destiny’s Child, and two more members in Sistar. The good part is I know the names of the 2 girls in Sistar. But I believe you get the point, Soyou and Dasom get completely overshadowed by the other two group members, even though Soyou is the main vocalist (she sings most of the choruses) and Dasom sings mostly the bridge, but makes up a majority of the acting talent in the group.

Here’s the lovely Soyou:

I'm glad I screen capped this image because most of the time she looks tame and she looks sassy in this picture. I'm a fan of sassy
I’m glad I screen capped this image because most of the time she looks tame and she looks sassy in this picture. I’m a fan of sassy.

And Dasom:

One of the best things about getting screen caps is you have to focus on members that you've never concentrated on before. Watch Dasom next time. You won't be disappoint.
One of the best things about getting screen caps is you have to focus on members that you’ve never concentrated on before. Watch Dasom next time. You won’t be disappoint.

One of the most remarkable things about Sistar is that they’ve managed to tread the sexy line for so and so well that I feel that they’ve never fell too far to one side. The sexy line is hard to maintain because you have groups like SNSD that really never got the chance to mature (save the outfits and dance in “The boys”) and on the other side you have Hyuna, Girl’s Day and Rania. Now I like all of the groups, but SNSD can be boring due to the girls trying to still be “Girls’ Generation” and not “Womans’ Generation”. The ladies are too old to be acting the way they do. And on the other side of the line you have Hyuna and Girl’s Day (Female President) that are using sex to sell. Now sexy is an image and yes it does sell, but there becomes a point where sexy will overshadow everything else in the video. Sistar always has a dance that features their butt in some sort of way, but I’ve always felt that was a trait of their dance as opposed to pandering to the audience.

Should you decide to continue on with Sistar, check out the following:

“Alone”, a sexy mature concept. Like the office version of everything sultry.

“Loving u”, their summer song. How you film on location correctly.

“있다 없으니까 (Gone, not around any longer)”, the latest from Sistar19

And then if you wanna get really into the background, check these out:

“나 이런사람이야 (I’m guy like this)” by DJ DOC, the guys in the neutral colored suits.

Sistar’s interview with Eat Your Kimchi:

❤ Rebecca

PS. You’ll find it funny that I thought Bora was Hyorin and Hyorin was Bora for about a year. I saw this video and got confused at the 2:03 mark where they show all the girls in front of the chairs with Bora first, and then they cut to a more close up of Hyorin, Soyou and Dasom, where Hyorin was first. I thought that they had cut out the left most girl instead of the right most girl and Hyorin was Bora from then on. She still kinda is Bora in my mind.


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