Saranghae: Taeyang’s Dance MV for “Ringa Linga”

I really can’t hold in how much I love this dance. The song’s really intense and it’s got a great dance MV to go with it.

Now currently there’s several immature Exo fans camping in the comment section of the video saying that this is a copy of Growl. I know that these fans aren’t what most Exo fans look like, but they’ve gotten VIP’s pretty riled up since it’s pretty damn obvious that no one owns a “one shot” filming style. It’s even funnier when you think that Love Song by Big Bang was filmed in the “One Shot” style in a rather spectacular fashion back in 2011. You can check that video out here:

The last thing I want to highlight is the choreographer Parris Goebel from New Zealand. Her and her crew make this dance MV awesome and her dance style, Polyswagg, is something I want to see more of, both in and out of the Kpop realm. She does the “one shot” style filming in most of her dance videos and this is my favorite one besides the Taeyang song:

Overfilling with the squeeeeeeeeeee
❤ Rebecca


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