Saranghae: B1A4’s Japanese version of “What’s Up”

So “What’s Up” is the only B1A4 (Bilasa for you nasties out there) song that I like. It’s cute and fun; I really could not stop listening to it much to the chagrin of my brothers. Then I found the Japanese version:

It really is just the most enjoyable song. Usually when I hear a song in one language, I tend to hate the follow up language version, even if it’s English (although if there’s an English version my mind often subconsciously drifts to singing in English but I digress). Not only is the Japanese version easy to adjust to, the video is so much better. They have better room sections, like the one full of telephones, the ocean one and of course the Mario section. They also made great use of an anime style line drawing to depict the story better in this version. I now know that the story was supposed to be a shady dude macking on a cute girl and basically trying to get in her pants. This version is also more feminist friendly, because in the Korean version the band finally busts into the room and beheads shady dude (which wasn’t explicitly shady in that video) with a pillow. Lady has to get rescued, albeit by possibly the funniest way possible. In Japan version, they’re trying to warn her about shady dude, but it turns out she practically knocks him out when he starts making unwanted moves on her. B1A4 get vicariously excited for her then throw a luminous paint party:

Creepy face is best face, dude in the middle =)
Creepy face is best face, dude in the middle =)

There are so many things that make me happy when watching the video. I’m just sad this version doesn’t have a periscope.

❤ Rebecca

PS. From typing B1A4 so many times in this post, I’ve come to the conclusion that B!A$ is a much cooler name (Bias) and is so much easier to type. Get on that Bilasa.


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