Saranghae: Mr. Mr.’s “Do you feel me”

What I’ve noticed is that when I listen to music, I like powerful thumping beats and tough sounding vocals,  softer heart felt ballads or fast paced rhythms with soaring vocals. Mr. Mr.’s new song “Do you feel me” fits into the latter category.

I think it goes back to my roots in J-culture. I find that music that is distinctly Kpop, but would make a great addition to an anime soundtrack, is what I gravitate to. My brain classifies songs into openings and closings, battle songs, transformation sequences, romantic encounters, and sadness. This song goes into the closing folder, but also the section of the anime that relies on the power of friendship as a plot device.

I think all I’m trying to say is sometimes I pretend that my life is an anime, and Kpop is my soundtrack. Add this song to my OST.

But guys, I don't even like fancy tuna!
But guys, I don’t even like fancy tuna!

❤ Rebecca


2 thoughts on “Saranghae: Mr. Mr.’s “Do you feel me””

  1. This song reminds me of the old songs of Chris Brown… I’m starting to like this band. Listen to Highway! Really awesome. 🙂

    1. I have listened to Highway. I like “Who’s that girl?” the best, but “Do you feel me” is catching up. I love the story in Highway, but the way he pronounces rule in the chorus pulls me out of the song all the time. It sound like ruru.

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