Saranghae: Hyorin’s version of “Let it Go”

I have not had the opportunity to see Frozen yet, and seeing that it’s about 7 weeks after release, I think I’ll have to wait until it’s out on DVD. However, I babysit a girl with disabilities, and she LOVES singing Disney songs, so I figured I would learn how to sing “Let it go” from Frozen. It really is a great song. Then I found Hyorin’s version:

I wish I could sing like this. She incorporated a lot of breathing into her recording, but I like it that way. It makes it seem like she was living as the character for that portion of the movie.

❤ Rebecca


One thought on “Saranghae: Hyorin’s version of “Let it Go””

  1. I just saw the movie and this was my favorite song from it! I didn’t know Hyorin sang a Korean version! Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s a great song and of course Hyorin sings it flawlessly

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