SHINee is a kpop group that particularly focuses on excellent dance sequences, although they are not a pop group lacking in singing and rapping in exchange. They’re a band that has pretty similar sounding music, save their first single “Replay” (its full name is in Korean). It leans slightly more to dance than typical, especially more recent releases that have featured dubstep like sounds as part of the song and bridge.

From left to right: Minho, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Key
From left to right: Minho, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Key

5 members, none inactive or retired
Onew: Leader and singer
Jonghyun: Main singer
Taemin: Main dancer, singer, maknae
Minho: Visual, rapper
Key: Pretty much does everything

If you looked up the official classifications, they’d appear different from what I just told you. Sometimes, groups will give out titles based on who is the best at something at the beginning of the groups conception, and sometimes better titles will be given to older members since Korea is very honor conscious. What I notice is that Minho pretty much exclusively raps and is what’s known as the visual (an admittance that this person has the prettiest face/most charisma), Taemin is by far the best dancer of the group and Jonghyun is the most vocally gifted. Onew has decent vocal ability, and he’s also the leader so he gets a good number of lines. Key is the last person left without a niche ability, and his skill is that he can really do everything. Dance? Ok. Sing? You got it. Rap? Sure. Wear a ridiculous hairstyle and still look really damn good? No worries, I got this on lock (but really though, check out lucifer).

SHINee used to have a crazy fan base back in the day, that has kinda tamed down as the fans have grown with SHINee (those that didn’t, in my brain, make up the crazy internet dwellers in the Exotics). One of the artifacts of this fan base was a really well explored shipping culture, where there are supporters for every (and I mean EVERY) pairing within Shinee. The most known are:

Obtained from
Obtained from

JongKey: Jonghyun gets shipped the most with everyone, because he can be the most fanservice-y. He has a good pairing with Key because Key is much cuter and caring, which balances out Jonghyun’s more sexy side.

Found at
Found at

2min: So if Jonghyun and Key are already taken, a strong ship is 2min, Minho and Taemin. It has a catchy name and people who ship Jongkey can also ship 2min. Works for everyone. It’s a decent pair because the two seem more reserved than the others, and with Minho being athletic and Taemin being a great dancer, they tend to have material in common for the fanfics.

Found at
Found at

OnewxChicken: Arguably the strongest ship in all of SHINee… nah just joking. The Onew and chicken joke came out of a long running joke that happened during SHINee’s younger years. Onew got the reputation of being kinda clumsy and kinda dopey, like a real life Goofy. Playing it off, Onew often made comments about his favorite meal, chicken. That side of him really doesn’t come up anymore, but the chicken joke remains.

Another notable ship is Jongtae, just off of their stage interactions. If you google it, you’ll see what I mean. I just suggest not looking it up where people can misconstrue what you’re seeing. It can be… well a little suggestive.


SHINee’s most popular video would be their Lucifer video. It is particularly catchy, features some edgy hairstyling and has a pretty difficult dance. What’s even more astounding is that it looks like SHINee can do this dance as easy as breathing.  The video has over 48 million views, and the official dance version is approaching 15 million views. The single only reached #2 on the Gaon charts, but it is known as a timeless song because it was still achieving high downloads the following year as well. Minho was injured during the promotion of this song.

Other notable songs are their debut single “누난 너무 예뻐(Replay)” [Noona neomu yeppeo], the engrish laden “Ring ding dong”, and “Sherlock (Clue and note)” which has a detective story that kinda mimics Blues Clues. I would watch the dance version of the last one.

The Noobcakes stats

Favorite video: Juliette. It’s a really good song and a really good video. I really like the masks, and it was in this video that Jonghyun stopped being creepy to me and started being sexy (that face that he makes in “Hello” still haunts me).

Yes. To everything.
Yes. To everything.

Bias: Minho. He has puppy dog eyes, and I got suckered in via a K-drama. Before the K-drama, I watched Taemin’s dancing all the time.

Favorite SHINee moment: When I accidentally wrote a fan fic in my sleep starring the members of SHINee. I don’t write fan fics, but the power of SHINee was too strong for my sleeping brain, and I made myself the female protagonist of the Japanese anime “Ghost hunt”. For some reason, Jonghyun was my pairing, with Minho being the monk and Onew being the priest. Taemin and Key were both women and I’ll let you figure out who was who. We had to solve a murder with paranormal activity in the parking garage that Ukiss filmed “Standing Still”.

Favorite outfit:

With every other outfit in this picture being runner up. And that's saying a lot because I HATE dress shorts. Key can wear a garbage bag and make it look good, I swear.
With every other outfit in this picture being runner up. And that’s saying a lot because I HATE dress shorts. Key can wear a garbage bag and make it look good, I swear.

Best dance: Everybody. Even with the foot screw up in the bridge. It’s just a ridiculously flashy dance.

Worst song: Amigo. MEH.

Pet peeve: Shinee’s obsession with unnecessarily long hair. Key can never see, Taemin looks like he’s wearing tassels on his head and Minho has a mop on his head during Ring Ding Dong.

The moment when I wanted to change my Blackjack status to Shawol: When Jonghyun updated his twitter profile picture as a statement supporting a bisexual transgender woman’s campaign to change the way South Korean’s perspective on LGBT youth and youth troubles. And the subsequent surfacing of his personal message to the woman asking if it was ok for him to spread this message, concerned about throwing her into such public life.

Soy un dorito!

❤ Rebecca


3 thoughts on “SHINee”

  1. I find it incredibly funny when people say that Onew is a weak dancer… if you can follow Shinee choreographies you are not a weak dancer lol
    Love Replay one of the best debut songs ever imo-can’t really remember Amigo that well except for the
    “AMIGO mumblemumblemumble… AMIGO” part :}
    Jonghyun is such a bias list wrecker *sigh*
    Soy un dorito! (This should have become a thing)

    1. He is a weak dancer in comparison to Taemin, lord of all things rhythm. People just say that cause he derped a bunch.

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