Saranghae: Super Junior M “Swing”

I’m always in a conundrum as to what constitutes Kpop. Kpop has so many different sounds that it’s hard to define the musical genre, but is it the genre that makes something Kpop and not the language? I’m inclined to agree, since I think that even though bands like SNSD have a different sound when they go to Japan, they’re definitely not making music in the Jpop style.

Anyway, I digress. I’m really digging the sound of Super Junior M’s single “Swing, save maybe the dubstep breakdown. I also enjoy the video editing; it saves it from the boring box feel. It seems to be done by the same team that did the dance version of EXO’s Growl, and both of the 2014 TVXQ releases. It sacrifices quality, since the zooms are not done during filming, so the close ups are not any better quality than the wide frames, but it’s not dull.

Watch after the song ends too. The ending sequence is just full of ridiculous.

This pretty much sums it up, actually.
This pretty much sums it up, actually.

❤ Rebecca


3 thoughts on “Saranghae: Super Junior M “Swing””

    1. They do make it more fun, but I do a type of blog post that I take screen shots during the songs and because they zoom in, the shots aren’t good for me to do that type of post. I was sad.

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