Back after a month long haitus

Oh hello there. Sorry for the silence. This past month I’ve been putting in full hours at work, and I’ve been focusing hard on the Us Nasties group (Eat Your Kimchi’s US Fan page), because we had a meet and greet in LA for 80 people this past week. I never knew how involved gathering large amounts of people would be, and I didn’t even have to do most of the work. DAMN SON. That and I went to AnimeNext and put together some cosplays. I don’t have a picture of one; I walked around with a shirt that had the word “Life” on it and I gave out lemons. The other two:

This is Miss Fortune "Mafia Skin" from League of Legends. I had to use nerf guns instead of replica tommy guns =(
This is Miss Fortune “Mafia Skin” from League of Legends. I had to use nerf guns instead of replica tommy guns =(
This one is a character from Genshiken. I wasn't recognized the entire con, but I really liked the wig, so I'm figuring out where else I can use it.
This one is a character from Genshiken. I wasn’t recognized the entire con, but I really liked the wig, so I’m figuring out where else I can use it.

In my defense, I didn’t miss much. I don’t report on scandals, and this month was a whole bunch of scandals and not a lot of any type of music that I enjoyed. I am happy that I’m getting back right before the F(x) drop and I’m hoping that we’ll get some good kpop soon. I’ve been very unimpressed this year with releases. These are the songs that I enjoyed during my break:

This first one is 8Dayz by Megan Lee. I didn’t notice it until about a week ago, when I heard the English version, but it actually came out mid May. I like that the English version doesn’t have the rap section, which in Junhyung’s defense was not bad. I just thought it didn’t mesh with the rest of the song.

I liked Ukiss’ Don’t Play, and would have been much more comfortable with the song if it didn’t seem like it was being promiscuous for the sake of doing so. I was not able to suspend disbelief that I was watching something that contained over dramatized characters, and the female character was cemented into my brain as an object rather than a person with agency. That and Eli’s rap was not something I enjoyed. However, the chorus, versus and instrumentals were enough for me to include it on this list.

Then I had Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang. I love the song, and the video is shot in such a way that it makes you focus on the song. I just wish there was something slightly more dynamic about the video. Because I can’t understand the lyrics, it’s a song that I play in the background and I don’t watch the video itself, meaning that when I think of good releases this past month, it takes me a second to remember it was released:

Lastly, I found Tablo’s cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips riveting. This must be what Taeyang’s video did for people who understand Korean, because the writing in the verses was better than I expected it to be. “They say time flies, but you keep breaking its wings.” “No cure, no rehab for me/ Funny how you got the nerve to keep asking me/ How I’ve been. You’re the victor in this pageantry/ But the only trophy you deserve? Catastrophe.” It’s not impeccable, but it certainly exceeded expectations.

I saw AOA’s short hair. Didn’t really have feelings either way for it. Hangover made my ears bleed. Other songs didn’t make it on my radar.

What did I miss in the kpop world? Anything stunning I need to look at now? Also, any suggestions of what to cosplay as using that short strawberry blond wig?

❤ Rebecca


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