Saranghae: Purfles “1,2,3”

I think this is a perfect example of a over talented trio plagued by a stupid name. This song came out 6 days ago and just recently broke 100,000 views and I suspect there’s no hype because Purfle sounds strangely like the sequel to a Furby. It’s not, and it’s not even a poorly done translation of the English word Purple. A purfle is an ornamental design especially seen on the back of a violin. You know why I knew that? I looked it up and I bet most other people will have to do the same; purfle is not a common word. But their song tho:

The song is relatively simple, deep booming bass, simple rhythm and all the trimmings included in typical club music. Their vocals are typical for a Korean girl group until you get to the “nana” sections and the breakdown, where the harmonies kick in. It’s not the best thing since sliced bread, but it deserves more hype that 100k views in a week. I think I’m also a bit more hype about it because I can see them getting into even stronger vocals as more songs come out. We could have a tiny Spica on our hands, especially because their introduction sounds like this (only the first 10 seconds):

Also because their debut stage sounds rough but clearly not lipsynced. That ending flourish that wooyoung did after the breakdown was pretty damn cool.

As for the video itself, the club scene was ok, but please feed me workout videos all day long. Workout style shots celebrate the strength of the body, and the company shot them in greyscale, making the feel grittier and more raw. Even the shots featuring a body part typically panned or was shot in a wide angle, making the focus less on that particular body part and more on the act of working out. The ladies in this video are in control and I like that so much.

I can’t wait for their next song, and I look forward to more bands that sound like this and Kiss and Cry. This style needs to keep happening please.

❤ Rebecca