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Hey, what’s up? Sometime around Fall of 2011, I became enamored with Korean Pop music. I remember getting into Kpop was often confusing because I have no cultural ties to Korea. I’ve never been there, I can’t speak the language and I often had to call up my one Korean friend on the phone to ask him a ton of questions. So why am I writing this blog if I don’t have a ton of knowledge about Kpop? I remember what its like to be a noob in the Kpop world, wishing I had an easy guide to it all. So I’m going to try to be that guide for you.

Since I’m blogging during my Grad year of college (and soon student teaching o.o), I’m not always sure when I have free time to post the next blog. Sometimes, I’ll pop out articles in rapid fire succession, and other times the flow of words is more viscous. I make articles about music videos I think are important, culture posts, posts about screen captures of new releases and themed playlists. If you have any suggestions for a segment I can do, feel free to comment on this page! Also, be sure to check out the links page to view the music videos I review in a playlist format, and to see where I learn a lot of my Korean culture information.

So come in, and let’s be Kpop noobcakes together.


6 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Lovin this blog my first encounter with kpop was back in the debut days of 2pm, 2am, and bigbang. I heard of wonder girls and wondered where they came from……then MBLAQ came along, Shinee, and I was in love. I’m a huge Oneday fan (2PM and 2AM) and made the twitter group @hotwalkerz
    I’m a huge fan, I have quested further on and found Nell, Cazziquai, Zion T. I also love shinwah, drunken tiger, Tasha… Korean music culture is amazing.

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