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So about my lack of free time…

I don’t know why I torture myself sometimes. I was accepted as a writer for the Kpop website Kmusic, and I said yes to writing an insane amount of monthly articles that I can only imagine will make me lose a bunch of sleep and not have a social life. But it’s ok, cause Kpop, amirite?

But for real, this is a great opportunity for me. My blog was started as a new years resolution to help me get into the swing of daily academic writing, and while my blog has helped me find my voice, it’s not done too many things on the side of promoting hard hitting journalism. Kmusic allows me to write about what I love, in a voice that’s comfortable for me, while allowing me to practice writing news articles, not just blog posts.

I’m not going to link to every article I write on there, because that would be ridiculous and spammy and I won’t do that to you guys, but I’d like to show you the first article (more like blurb) I wrote on Hello Venus’ dance video. I also intend to link you to any opinion pieces I write or articles focused on newbies and Kpop because, well, Noobcakes.

I hope to be back here soon. Shouldn’t be long before something awesome happens in Kpop.

❤ Rebecca


Mamamoo’s “Piano Man” might be the best Kpop MV of 2014

I’m calling this years recap early. This is a heavyweight song coming out of a rookie group, with styling that is classic and sultry. It takes everything I love about Spica and combines it with Secret’s “Poison”.

I still have another month to be proven wrong, but it says a ton that this song is currently knocking Spica out of the number one spot they’ve held since January. If you’ve listened to Mamamoo before this, they had some incredible vocal work on their previous songs that should be checked out. This song was much more dynamic than it’s predecessors, using changes in dynamics, tempo and musical stylings to add interest. But why have me talk about that when you can have a independent American pop producer and Kpop fan gush about the musical superiority of this song:

I watch all of his reviews now cause he gives words to why I don’t like some comebacks and debuts. He’s the one that made me listen to this song and now I can’t stop playing it, my bf can’t stop playing it and we’ve already started to irritate his roommates. Job well done Mamamoo, I might become a moomoo when all is said and done (best fan group name btw).

❤ Rebecca

Saranghae: Purfles “1,2,3”

I think this is a perfect example of a over talented trio plagued by a stupid name. This song came out 6 days ago and just recently broke 100,000 views and I suspect there’s no hype because Purfle sounds strangely like the sequel to a Furby. It’s not, and it’s not even a poorly done translation of the English word Purple. A purfle is an ornamental design especially seen on the back of a violin. You know why I knew that? I looked it up and I bet most other people will have to do the same; purfle is not a common word. But their song tho:

The song is relatively simple, deep booming bass, simple rhythm and all the trimmings included in typical club music. Their vocals are typical for a Korean girl group until you get to the “nana” sections and the breakdown, where the harmonies kick in. It’s not the best thing since sliced bread, but it deserves more hype that 100k views in a week. I think I’m also a bit more hype about it because I can see them getting into even stronger vocals as more songs come out. We could have a tiny Spica on our hands, especially because their introduction sounds like this (only the first 10 seconds):

Also because their debut stage sounds rough but clearly not lipsynced. That ending flourish that wooyoung did after the breakdown was pretty damn cool.

As for the video itself, the club scene was ok, but please feed me workout videos all day long. Workout style shots celebrate the strength of the body, and the company shot them in greyscale, making the feel grittier and more raw. Even the shots featuring a body part typically panned or was shot in a wide angle, making the focus less on that particular body part and more on the act of working out. The ladies in this video are in control and I like that so much.

I can’t wait for their next song, and I look forward to more bands that sound like this and Kiss and Cry. This style needs to keep happening please.

❤ Rebecca

Saranghae: Kara’s “Mamma Mia”

I didn’t know how I felt about Mamma Mia. I really liked the song, but was it really worthy of a post about it when I am equally obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new single right now? Last night I accidentally stayed up until 4am watching live stages, dance versions and MR removed videos of this single, and I might be in love with it. I know many Kamilia’s and even casual fans are mad about Jiyoung and Nicole being gone, but I think its a blessing in disguise since now Nicole gets to go solo and Jiyoung is going to start up acting, which is what I believe she always wanted to do. Plus old members get more screen time, and the new Kara member Youngji has a surprisingly strong voice. I can’t wait until she gets more comfortable with being on stage so she can get some more time belting out lines.

Here’s the MV:

And here’s a live version with the MR removed:

I’m excited for the new Kara. =)

❤ Rebecca

Saranghae: Block B’s “Her”

Is there anything better than a kpop band who’s leader writes and produces their own songs? Since the lawsuit with their former entertainment company, Block B has become synonymous with the word authentic when it comes to kpop entertainers in my mind. This latest video is Block B’s way of taking on the aegyo concept and smashing it out of the park with pure ridiculous.

You too can dye your hair and clothes with the power of ridiculous for one lowwwwwww payment.
You too can dye your hair and clothes with the power of ridiculous for one lowwwwwww payment.

The only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the cut in the music to go to the fake variety show, but the only reason I didn’t like it is because I don’t like cuts in the music for music videos. The idea that they were trying to show at the end was that there are really three Block Bs. There’s the idols, the performers and the musicians, and the latter two want to be taken more seriously than the former. They’re goofballs but they’re real musicians and don’t forget it. Or Zico will go aegyo on your ass.

Hey Zico Zico ni, let me high five you in the face. See even the subtitles know what you're about.
Hey Zico Zico ni, let me high five you in the face. See even the subtitles know what you’re about.

All in all, this is the type of Kpop video I want. Sexy is sexy, but hilarity trumps that any day.

 ❤ Rebecca