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Happy 2 years of Noobcakes!

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been super active, but I wanted to take a quick second out of today to celebrate the second year of Kpop for Noobcakes. This site was started as a New Years Resolution 2 years ago as a way to commit myself to writing regularly. I would say that the first year was relatively successful, where this year has been, well… not so much. I have been writing a fair bit, my focus has been operating the Facebook page for the United States Nasties (fans of Eat Your Kimchi) and between that and monitoring the regional groups we’ve formed, that has been a daily commitment that has left me little time for writing about Kpop in general. When I’ve found things astounding, I’ve been sure to post about them, but as everyone knows this has not been the year for Kpop, which leaves me about a post a month for the past quarter. I hope to commit to more writing in the future, but perhaps I have to rethink how and what I write about (still Kpop related of course).

However, that was an apology letter and not really a celebration, so good news: I’m currently writing my top 10 Kpop videos list. These lists are fairly rampant through out wordpress and the blogosphere, but I hope to remind you of some songs I found amazing, while I attempt to leave behind what little bias I have.

Outside of Kpop, cool things that have happened to me this year:
-Graduated college with a Masters of Arts in Special Education
-Traveled to Belize, Ireland, Puerto Rico and Maui.
-My dad (who’s an airline pilot) got rebased to Miami, and my family bought a foreclosed house on Key Largo
-Painted my room and furniture up here and the entire house down there
-Traveled to Key West and did a butt ton of Kayaking
-Did not get a full time job, but started substitute teaching and had more opportunities to do the before mentioned bullet points
-My cousin had a baby girl =)

So yeah, here’s a yearly selfie. I’ll see you over the course of the next year!
❤ Rebecca