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Back to blogging… eventually

So turns out i couldn’t handle the regularity that was required to write for a Kpop news site, so I left while still on good terms with the staff. I’m subbing on the regular and working weekends at the flower shop, so my days have gotten really early. I’m rarely staying up past midnight anymore. Fortunately for me, the snowmageddon that is NJ gave me a snow day today and a delayed opening tomorrow, so I can still be among the living. While i’m not ready to write another post yet, let me link you to some of the articles I wrote, so you can see what I was up to.

“Love Letter” by Uji from BESTie
“New Year’s Luck” by Kiha and the Faces
“Because of You” Acoustic version by Berry Good
“Gentleman” a cover of the Mamamoo song by eSNa
“Crazy” by 4minute
“Just” by ZionT and Crush

And many more. You can check out my whole list here

Hopefully I’ll write for you guys again soon, but for now, I’m back =)

❤ Rebecca


So about my lack of free time…

I don’t know why I torture myself sometimes. I was accepted as a writer for the Kpop website Kmusic, and I said yes to writing an insane amount of monthly articles that I can only imagine will make me lose a bunch of sleep and not have a social life. But it’s ok, cause Kpop, amirite?

But for real, this is a great opportunity for me. My blog was started as a new years resolution to help me get into the swing of daily academic writing, and while my blog has helped me find my voice, it’s not done too many things on the side of promoting hard hitting journalism. Kmusic allows me to write about what I love, in a voice that’s comfortable for me, while allowing me to practice writing news articles, not just blog posts.

I’m not going to link to every article I write on there, because that would be ridiculous and spammy and I won’t do that to you guys, but I’d like to show you the first article (more like blurb) I wrote on Hello Venus’ dance video. I also intend to link you to any opinion pieces I write or articles focused on newbies and Kpop because, well, Noobcakes.

I hope to be back here soon. Shouldn’t be long before something awesome happens in Kpop.

❤ Rebecca

Happy 2 years of Noobcakes!

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been super active, but I wanted to take a quick second out of today to celebrate the second year of Kpop for Noobcakes. This site was started as a New Years Resolution 2 years ago as a way to commit myself to writing regularly. I would say that the first year was relatively successful, where this year has been, well… not so much. I have been writing a fair bit, my focus has been operating the Facebook page for the United States Nasties (fans of Eat Your Kimchi) and between that and monitoring the regional groups we’ve formed, that has been a daily commitment that has left me little time for writing about Kpop in general. When I’ve found things astounding, I’ve been sure to post about them, but as everyone knows this has not been the year for Kpop, which leaves me about a post a month for the past quarter. I hope to commit to more writing in the future, but perhaps I have to rethink how and what I write about (still Kpop related of course).

However, that was an apology letter and not really a celebration, so good news: I’m currently writing my top 10 Kpop videos list. These lists are fairly rampant through out wordpress and the blogosphere, but I hope to remind you of some songs I found amazing, while I attempt to leave behind what little bias I have.

Outside of Kpop, cool things that have happened to me this year:
-Graduated college with a Masters of Arts in Special Education
-Traveled to Belize, Ireland, Puerto Rico and Maui.
-My dad (who’s an airline pilot) got rebased to Miami, and my family bought a foreclosed house on Key Largo
-Painted my room and furniture up here and the entire house down there
-Traveled to Key West and did a butt ton of Kayaking
-Did not get a full time job, but started substitute teaching and had more opportunities to do the before mentioned bullet points
-My cousin had a baby girl =)

So yeah, here’s a yearly selfie. I’ll see you over the course of the next year!
❤ Rebecca

One year of noobcakes!


Hey everyone, I just found out that I published my first post exactly one year ago. Looks like this is the first new years resolution I actually kept. I took a selca in celebration. I’m actually the secret 10th member of nine muses. I’m the adorable mascot =]

I’m making a change to how I blog. There will be no more music video days. I have something else in the works. Hope to talk to you guys again soon. Thanks for the great year!

That magical self validation post: 10,000 views!

Party time!
Party time!

I started this blog as a New Years resolution. I talk about having plans and ideas about many different things, but I never end up following through because I always know that I won’t have the energy and the attention span to carry them through. So mid-december I made the kpop blog I had always been talking about and it was my goal to keep writing on it throughout the year. In the beginning the only way I thought I would be able to keep writing is if I gave myself deadlines, and wrote on a regular basis. But good Kpop videos don’t come out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week and throughout this year I’ve realized that keeping up with the blog is writing when ever I have something particularly important to say. If I force a post, it’s not gonna be good, and it’s OK to crunch posts up on one another if a bunch of good videos come out directly on top of one another.

I also didn’t stick with the same format. I thought that I was just going to talk about confusing cultural aspects and videos I think every kpop fan should take a listen to in order to experience the variety the genre offers. What this didn’t allow me to do was talk about videos that come out recently. As a tame fangirl, I don’t gush over my stars, but if a cool video comes out I want to talk about it and I didn’t give myself a format to talk about those things. This is where my most popular post type came about: the 10 about. I seem to get most of my views from google image search; too many people want to see screenshots of stars from their most recent videos, and my screenshots seem to help these people out a lot. Which means that people don’t read my blog, so much as view my blog. My blog has turn out to be more than my words and opinions, it turned out to be the patience it takes to scan through a video and hit print screen to get something that isn’t pixelated.

So I wanted to say thank you to the people who will read this post. While my 10 abouts account for many of my views, it’s the WordPress readers that make me feel like my voice and opinions matter too. A question also goes out to my wordpress readers: what would you want to see me do on my blog? I’ve always want to do new things, in a way that hasn’t really been done before, and I hope that you guys can help me figure out how to be a better blogger and bring you things that you’d want to read and view.


My most excited picture I could find. (Can't take one now, I'm in class)
My most excited picture I could find. (Can’t take one now, I’m in class)

Anyways, thanks guys! See you on the WordPress feed.

❤ Rebecca