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Back to blogging… eventually

So turns out i couldn’t handle the regularity that was required to write for a Kpop news site, so I left while still on good terms with the staff. I’m subbing on the regular and working weekends at the flower shop, so my days have gotten really early. I’m rarely staying up past midnight anymore. Fortunately for me, the snowmageddon that is NJ gave me a snow day today and a delayed opening tomorrow, so I can still be among the living. While i’m not ready to write another post yet, let me link you to some of the articles I wrote, so you can see what I was up to.

“Love Letter” by Uji from BESTie
“New Year’s Luck” by Kiha and the Faces
“Because of You” Acoustic version by Berry Good
“Gentleman” a cover of the Mamamoo song by eSNa
“Crazy” by 4minute
“Just” by ZionT and Crush

And many more. You can check out my whole list here

Hopefully I’ll write for you guys again soon, but for now, I’m back =)

❤ Rebecca


Ninja Advertising: Cause people think I’m cool?

So I’ve been super confused this past week because I’ve been getting referrals from a website I’ve never visited before: http://www.thesinglesjukebox.com/. The major confusion section was that I had no idea where the link was. I was like “was I referenced in a review,” and I was secretly crossing my fingers that it wasn’t a review trashing my opinion. Cause referrals are referrals but I have hopes and dreams and feelings too. But I guess I’m in the cool kids club cause my blog link is in the sidebar. Well that’s pure magic.

While exploring the cool kids club I noted that not only do they ninja advertize blergs like mine, they also ninja advertise kpop in a “we’re going to review every music evar even if they don’t speak English.” (A message to them: Culcha Candela will be back together in 2014, check out some German dancehall [make sure to read up by listening to Hamma!].) I think that’s a phenomenal way to shift modern music tastes towards a global perspective, and let me tell you, I will be checking up on this review website often. What’s pretty cool is each review gets a statement and a rating from about 8 different people from (it seems) different perspectives. I feel like this gets rid of the “hipster snobbery” and bias that I see so often in Kpop. It makes the focus on the music and not on the idols and the video, which is something I love.

So again, everyone check out http://www.thesinglesjukebox.com/, check out my link in the sidebar and get some perspective on all the pop music.

❤ Rebecca