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Kplaylist 1: Aegyozilla!

So I made one mistake when filming my introductions to all these songs besides all of the stuttering and tangents. I filmed this at 1 am at my house, while the rest of my family was asleep. This means that I spoke really softly and you’ll need to either listen to me whisper or turn up the volume on my videos and turn down the volume on the kpop videos. I’ll make sure to film during the day next time =D  Warning: Both my video explanations and my blog post contain spoilers.

So this playlist started off by hearing the song Bar Bar Bar by Crayon Pop. I was really interested in this song that had somehow taken over the Billboard charts, and I really feel that the power of cute helped out in that. I have to make a temporary (I hope) edit to the playlist; Bar Bar Bar has been blocked in America by the Korean companies on copyright grounds…. and it was fine when I filmed a day ago. What can you do?

From there I started with B1A4’s What’s Happening? which shows off the murderous nature of pillows and Tiny G’s Minimanimo which highlights how giant objects make everything cuter. Then I went for an SM kick with Shinee’s Hello and  F(x)’s Chu ❤ where the girls exchange saliva with everything and Jonghyun looks creepily at small children. I took a short break from my SM bit with the song Shy Boy by Secret with their Shy boy themed stores and clubs, only to go back to SM with SNSD’s Oh. Then I have 4minute’s Heart to Heart where you’ll need to watch for the girl in the cap. After that comes BAP’s Stop it where you have to wonder if the girl did that all on purpose to convert him. Then it’s Miss A’s penguin dance… I mean Breathe and finally the movie IU’s You and I. I talked a bit about each of the videos I chose in the playlist, so it’s best to watch the videos for some explanation.

Also, should you like my playlist and want to listen to all the songs without my commentary in between, here’s a link to a playlist with only the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMqL1iWfku4&list=PLHmOF2oQvtQGIu4GXFg2Fts-BoZrNmWWy

❤ Rebecca